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United Way Calgary Charity Initiatives

United Way Calgary Charity Initiatives

United Way Calgary Charity Initiatives

In partnering with United Way Calgary this year, we have contributed not only donations, but also our time volunteering with various projects throughout the year.

One project we participated in was our “Sandwich Making Day” at the office. We turned our boardroom into an assembly line and every member of our team participated in making 600 sandwiches for the DI Centre this day. We also donated enough snacks to complete a bag lunch for the residents of the DI Centre who work off site during the day and are unable to return for a meal throughout the day.

This was a rewarding experience for our team in a couple of ways. We all participated to make this a team building event and we were able to assist in helping 600 DI residents with lunches to take to work with them. It was a win-win for everyone and at the end of the day when we delivered all of the sandwiches and snacks, the volunteers at the DI centre were truly appreciative of our efforts for their residents. That was the best reward of all, seeing their smiles and appreciation, knowing that our efforts would help many people. Being able to assist and give to people in our community who are in need is an amazing experience and we encourage everyone to get involved.

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