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South Centre Common, Lethbridge

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The economy of Lethbridge is central to the commercial, distribution, financial and industrial sectors of the southern Alberta economy. Lethbridge’s regional prominence as a service providers has resulted in the establishment of the city as a retail and hospitality centre. Traditionally, Lethbridge’s economy has been agriculture based, however, as the city has grown in recent years, its economy has become more diversified. As such, since the beginning of the global economic crisis Lethbridge gained 8,800 jobs, which is more than Red Deer, Grande Prairie, or Medicine Hat during this period. At the same time, total GDP in Lethbridge grew by $487 million with a relatively stable trend throughout that period. With a fast growing economy, less traffic, and reasonable housing market, many people from all over Alberta are moving to this new hotspot.

Our exciting development is located in a prime location for retail and service businesses looking to capitalize on the growth in the Lethbridge area.