Our Philosophy

Simple, Solid, Strategic 


Many investment products look very attractive with regards to income or return, but come with increasingly complicated structures and game plans. At Prime Funds we focus on the basics, always keeping sight of the things we can control to improve the odds of long-term success.

Our trusts are truly simple, elegant property investment vehicles for investors who wish to participate in the real estate sector without the hassle of direct ownership.


Producing a positive long-term investment return calls for a solid investment philosophy, along with a robust and repeatable investment process. Our objective is to develop or acquire industry-leading properties that can be held for the long term, which will generate strong and steady returns. Our portfolio is well balanced with high quality assets in sectors that attract a broad range of domestic and international investors.



Prime Funds delivery of investment performance is always based on strategic location. We focus on large and liquid markets in major North American corridors with the best potential for stable rental income and capital values.

We invest in properties that are already zoned for development with a clear development pathway and high a likelihood of timely approval, in areas that are highly visible, easily accessible, and with proximity to highways and key logistics.